Spiced poached pear

Mom bought huge pears from the market today and since it had been a lazy Sunday, decided to get busy in the kitchen.

Ok, not really busy cuz it’s pretty easy to prepare this.


pssst.. please don’t ask about measurement as I really prepared this without measurement. Just some estimation 😁

Throw in sugar, spice (I used cinnamon, star anise and cloves) into a pot of water. Let it boil.

While waiting for it to boil, slice the pear and rub it with lemon, so it won’t brown later own. science-nerd fact: acid in lemon slows down oxidation process 😁

Once it boils, add the pear in it and let it simmer under slow heat. Simmer until the pear softens. Halfway through this, I remembered that I have some berry juice, so I added that in. I guess you can also add other fruits or flavouring like Ribena?

When the pear has softened, it’s ready to be served.



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