Maker Faire


Last weekend was Maker Faire. It was my first Maker Faire, and… I have my own booth! Had the opportunity thanks to Ibnur from Ground-up Initiative (GUI). I actually signed up as a volunteer but at the volunteer briefing, he challenged me to take up a booth. He knows that I’ve been occasionally doing some sewing and craft project. So, I went home, thought about it.. and got back to him that week itself. Guess what activity I had in mind?


Book-binding! Japanese book-binding is simple enough for young kids to do on the spot and not very time-consuming too. Over the 2 days, we had a lot of visitors, with barely any time for us to take a break =/ The booth attracted really a lot of young children as I think there were not much activities and demonstration booth that were appropriate for preschoolers and primary schoolers.


It’s really nice to see the kids being excited that they can make their own book and that for most, it’s their first experience to sew.

It was also meaningful experience as there were some families who seem keen to continue book-binding hobby or activities for their children. The materials are readily available and very affordable anyway, so it’ll definitely make good family project.

Hope I’ll have more such opportunities again 🙂

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