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Science educator in a secondary school in Singapore. Loves science, teaching, travelling and craft work.

Honey Cornflakes

First kueh for raya baked this year…

It’s honey cornflakes!
Got the recipe from Dessertini cuz it’s easy-peasy and yummy. Been making them for the past 3 years ever since she shared with me.

How easy-peasy it is?

Simply heat sugar, honey and butter over low heat…

Then, pour it over the cornflakes, mix them, put in the cups and pop into oven for just about 10 min. It’s that easy!

Just some tips… Keep mixing once in awhile as you add them to the cups, cuz otherwise the honey will just drip/sink, whatever you call it, to the bottom. Mixing it once in awhile ensure the honey is evenly distributed.

Enjoy making and munching on them, like I did!

Making appointment slots using Google Calendar

On of the key difference between a personal Google account and Gsuite Education account is that you get to add appointment slots on Calendar through Gsuite Education account.

You can check out the tutorial here and some FAQs here.

To be honest, it is fairly easy. Simply access Google Calendar through your Gsuite Education account and click on the time to be made available for appointment booking.

Then, click on “Appointment slots”.


You can add more details by clicking on “Edit details”.


In this example, the Parent-teacher Conference is for the whole day, from 10am to 5pm and parents are to make 15min appointment slot. You can your co-teacher as guest to this appointment slots.


Copy and past the link at the top to your email to parents/ students or whatsapp message.

Finally, click “Save”.

A parent who clicks on the link provided has to access it via a Google account. It does not has to be GSuite Edu account). If the user is not logged in at the point of clicking on link, there will be a prompt for log in.


Parent can make appointment by clicking on any of the time slot.


Upon clicking the time slot, the user’s name will appear in bracket next to the event name, in bracket. You may want to remind them to add the child’s name in description.


Upon clicking “Save”, the creator will receive an email.


Teacher to click on “Yes” to lock in the appointment.


Once it’s locked in, the time slot is no longer available for other users to book.


10am to 10.15am slot no longer available


Quran and Science Festival

Working with yet another dynamic team. The team is made up of ladies of various background- homeschooling mummies, educator and researcher, and of different strength- admin, finance, copywriter and publicity.

It all comes together nicely for our event- the inaugural Quran and Science festival.

We finally met face-to-face last weekend. Pretty amazing how we had been planning for the event simply by whatsapp and only 1 Google Hangout video call thus far 😱

Anyway, credit really to the other ladies for conceptualising the event. I only joined halfway. I was amused to see that “contact Huda, FEST” was actually on their Gantt Chart they had drawn up 😂 and hey, I’m glad they did 😊

Steady hand game

Currently doing electricity with Sec 3 NT and here’s throwback of a bonus activity I did with them last year for the chapter on Electricity. Each pair received a kit of battery, chopstick, straw, lightbulb, wire and index card to make their own steady hand game.

The video shows my first prototype 👏

It was not that difficult. They managed to get it done within 1hr lesson.

They designed their own loop and had fun challenging each other. A player is out if the bulb lights up.

Broken heart

The blue piece had always been loose. And drops easily. Didn’t noticed it drop as I was on my way to class yesterday. Unfortunately, couldn’t find the piece as I retrace my step.

RIP. Had it since my practicum days… time to buy a new one.
Bought this years ago… with other tools for this chapter is a stethoscope (which really works!) and an oxymeter (clipped to finger to measure oxygen level and pulse rate). Those were the days being a young, enthusiastic teacher 😛

Oh, btw this model is the same size of a typical child’s heart.


Here’s how I did the back noticeboard, being form teacher for Sec 2NT few years back.

I have Roll of Honour for academic matters, attendance and punctuality, another segment of News and Update, of tests, school events etc and my favourite- Celebration of Success- CCA or academic competitions or events by the form students.

It was hardwork cuz materials have to be updated and change through the term. But it was worth it cuz the students love it and have an immense sense of pride seeing their names listed at the back.

Last year, I change the concept of the back noticeboard as a permanent deco feature.

On each cloud, students write their name, birthday, CCA and a quote to represent them or what they believe in. No more hassle of changing and updating them!