Here’s how I did the back noticeboard, being form teacher for Sec 2NT few years back.

I have Roll of Honour for academic matters, attendance and punctuality, another segment of News and Update, of tests, school events etc and my favourite- Celebration of Success- CCA or academic competitions or events by the form students.

It was hardwork cuz materials have to be updated and change through the term. But it was worth it cuz the students love it and have an immense sense of pride seeing their names listed at the back.

Last year, I change the concept of the back noticeboard as a permanent deco feature.

On each cloud, students write their name, birthday, CCA and a quote to represent them or what they believe in. No more hassle of changing and updating them!


Green School Bali

Ok, I’ve no idea how to embed FB post. But do click the link above to view what I shared about my trip to Green School Bali on the FB group: Journey to Zero Waste Life in Singapore. Very inspiring and I really would love to teach in Green School Bali 😍😍