Quran and Science Festival

Working with yet another dynamic team. The team is made up of ladies of various background- homeschooling mummies, educator and researcher, and of different strength- admin, finance, copywriter and publicity.

It all comes together nicely for our event- the inaugural Quran and Science festival.

We finally met face-to-face last weekend. Pretty amazing how we had been planning for the event simply by whatsapp and only 1 Google Hangout video call thus far 😱

Anyway, credit really to the other ladies for conceptualising the event. I only joined halfway. I was amused to see that “contact Huda, FEST” was actually on their Gantt Chart they had drawn up 😂 and hey, I’m glad they did 😊

MOE Buildathon

Participated in the inaugural MOE Buildathon over the weekend and it was definitely a great learning experience.

Love my team cuz I have people of various background on board: educator, designer and entrepreneur 👍 Also loving the vibe and team spirit that we had. Ideation was amazing as we build on each other’s ideas by seeing it from different perpectives and brainstorming for solutions… really amazing! It was also rejuvenating. Felt so alive as it had been awhile my brains cells used for something productive. Despite the mad rush, I think we still did ok 😊

We made it to the top 20, but unfortunately we didn’t make it to Top 10 to present at Excel Fest.

Overall it was a good learning experience, especially since it’s my first hackathon. It gave me more confidence for future hackathon event. Yes, this definitely will not my last hackathon event. Gonna keep trying to make our idea a reality 👊

Someday… one day. One can always dream, right? 🙂

Girl Power


Helped out Fitree at their booth over the weekend. We had a booth for PPIS Girl’s Empowerment event. The last time I conducted bookbinding demo was for Maker Faire (link here), and this was in the same manner. The participants get to do their own bookbinding as we guide them through the simple steps. But the different is that, I used single-sided printed papers for this event so that it fits well with Fitree’s objective in championing environmental causes.

Flying water rocket


Helped out for Aviation workshop by GUILD. The kids made paper aeroplane, kite and launched their own water rocket.

ac4708c8f3f70d181f6ae0d635541b98Made kite using newspaper.

Pretty amazing how the kids simply took over the whole activity on their own after they kinda get how to launch the water rocket. The kids were initially shy and quiet when they started the workshop. But soon, they warmed up, got excited with the stuff we were doing and they were definitely enjoying themselves.

Maker Faire


Last weekend was Maker Faire. It was my first Maker Faire, and… I have my own booth! Had the opportunity thanks to Ibnur from Ground-up Initiative (GUI). I actually signed up as a volunteer but at the volunteer briefing, he challenged me to take up a booth. He knows that I’ve been occasionally doing some sewing and craft project. So, I went home, thought about it.. and got back to him that week itself. Guess what activity I had in mind?


Book-binding! Japanese book-binding is simple enough for young kids to do on the spot and not very time-consuming too. Over the 2 days, we had a lot of visitors, with barely any time for us to take a break =/ The booth attracted really a lot of young children as I think there were not much activities and demonstration booth that were appropriate for preschoolers and primary schoolers.


It’s really nice to see the kids being excited that they can make their own book and that for most, it’s their first experience to sew.

It was also meaningful experience as there were some families who seem keen to continue book-binding hobby or activities for their children. The materials are readily available and very affordable anyway, so it’ll definitely make good family project.

Hope I’ll have more such opportunities again 🙂