Honey Cornflakes

First kueh for raya baked this year…

It’s honey cornflakes!
Got the recipe from Dessertini cuz it’s easy-peasy and yummy. Been making them for the past 3 years ever since she shared with me.

How easy-peasy it is?

Simply heat sugar, honey and butter over low heat…

Then, pour it over the cornflakes, mix them, put in the cups and pop into oven for just about 10 min. It’s that easy!

Just some tips… Keep mixing once in awhile as you add them to the cups, cuz otherwise the honey will just drip/sink, whatever you call it, to the bottom. Mixing it once in awhile ensure the honey is evenly distributed.

Enjoy making and munching on them, like I did!

Spiced poached pear

Mom bought huge pears from the market today and since it had been a lazy Sunday, decided to get busy in the kitchen.

Ok, not really busy cuz it’s pretty easy to prepare this.


pssst.. please don’t ask about measurement as I really prepared this without measurement. Just some estimation 😁

Throw in sugar, spice (I used cinnamon, star anise and cloves) into a pot of water. Let it boil.

While waiting for it to boil, slice the pear and rub it with lemon, so it won’t brown later own. science-nerd fact: acid in lemon slows down oxidation process 😁

Once it boils, add the pear in it and let it simmer under slow heat. Simmer until the pear softens. Halfway through this, I remembered that I have some berry juice, so I added that in. I guess you can also add other fruits or flavouring like Ribena?

When the pear has softened, it’s ready to be served.