Steady hand game

Currently doing electricity with Sec 3 NT and here’s throwback of a bonus activity I did with them last year for the chapter on Electricity. Each pair received a kit of battery, chopstick, straw, lightbulb, wire and index card to make their own steady hand game.

The video shows my first prototype 👏

It was not that difficult. They managed to get it done within 1hr lesson.

They designed their own loop and had fun challenging each other. A player is out if the bulb lights up.

Inseparable books

Students love challenging each other. So, why not challenge them to inseparable books to demonstrate frictional force?

Did this with the Sec 1s today and 2NT last year… and they’re definitely excited to try this trick with schoolmates 😉

Sources of light

To introduce to students that light is a form of energy, I usually highlight some examples of energy changes to light energy.

Here are some stuff I use for to demonstrate the energy conversion…


Different sources of light energy

Dynamo torch (bought on Carousell):
Kinetic energy to to electrical energy to light energy light energy

Solar chasing light (bought in Kmart, Australia):
Solar energy to electrical energy to light energy

Light bulb:
Chemical energy to electrical energy to light energy

Chemical energy to electrical energy to light energy