pinhole camera

Pinhole camera for solar eclipse

The night before the solar eclipse on 9 March, I made a pinhole camera using a shoebox.

shoebox pinhole camera for solar eclipse

Converted a shoebox into a simple pinhole camera to to view solar eclipse

I was really excited as soon as I reached school at 7.30am as the eclipsed had started since 7.20am. Quickly found a spot in campus with strong, direct sunlight as I was eager to find out if this pinhole camera works.


Using the pinhole camera to view the solar eclipse.

Positioned myself such that my back is facing the sun ray, so that it enters through the tiny hole on the aluminium foil.


About 10 min after solar eclipse had started.



Almost halfway through peak of the eclipse.


Last few moment of the eclipse as the moon slowly moved away from the sun.

Anyway, on a regular day, the image appears a full circle. No other image appears on this, so I guess this can only be used on solar eclipse. Gonna keep this for the next eclipse on 26 Dec 2019!


Image of sun on a regular day