Flying rocket experiment

Students had fun today with flying rocket experiment. Conducted this activity to introduce reaction of acid with carbonate.

Add sprite in film canister, to about 3/4.
Add 3 spatulaful of baking soda on the cap.
Place the cap over the film canister and shut it tight.
Invert the film canister.
Step away and watch it launch!

Sprite can be replaced with coke or vinegar.
Baking soda can be replaced with antacid tablet.

What’s happening?
Reaction of acid and carbonate produce carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide produced is trapped in the film canister provide a force for it to propel upwards.

How to bend a chicken bone? An experiment to make bendy, rubber bones

A simple science experiment that you can do with stuff in the kitchen.

Wash some chicken bones and let it soak in vinegar for a few days. Click here for full video of experiment with some explanations.

This is a good experiment to demonstrate acid reaction with metal.