Kranji Marshes

A few weeks ago, I went down to Kranji Marshes to recce for the next #sglitteXplorers by #familytrippersXfest

Kranji Marshes

Kranji Marshes is one of nature parks opened to public in the recent years. It was officially launched on 1 Oct 2016, as part of the World Wetlands Day. With its official launch for public, it is Singapore’s largest freshwater marshland, occupying over 56 ha. Other than freshwater marshland, look out also for woodland and grass habitats.

Opening hours

Kranji Marshes is open daily, 7am to 7pm.

Getting there

Located along the northwestern shore, it is out of the way and inconvenient to get there by pubic transport. However, there’s shuttle service to Kranji Marshes for those who don’t drive. Visitors can board Kranji Express from Kranji MRT Station.


Kranji Express Schedule

This operates daily from 8.30 am to 5.45 pm and you can check out the schedule here. You’ll need to bring exact change for the fees ($3 for adults and $1 for children and senior citizens). Alight at D’Kranji Farm Resort. From the main exit of D’Kranji, head to the right and walk down the road.

Route Map of Kranji Marshes


Route map of Kranji Marshes


Take note that the whole area of Kranji Marshes is not open to public. The Core Conservation Area is closed to the public to minimise disturbances to wildlife. The West Marsh, within the Core Conservation Area, is open to public on certain days and times. You can enter and exit the West Marsh from the gate near Moorhen Blind. No registration is required and if you’re keen, check out NParks page here for the schedule. Monthly free guided walk led by NParks volunteers are also open to public on Saturday evenings. Each guided walk is limited to 20 participants and registration is compulsory. Details of the guided walk can be found here.

So, are we ready to explore Kranji Marshes?

I love the outdoor classrooms area at Kranji Marshes. It also makes a good spot for assembly area or briefing zone. One of it is at the main entrance, a perfect place for meeting point.


Sheltered outdoor space at Kranji Marshes

Since Kranji Marshes is a great place for bird observatory, especially migratory birds, so why not learn a thing or two about birds?


Turn left after this structure to start your Kranji Marshes nature walk

Right after this is a looooooong walk.


Long, straight path of Kranji Marshes


About 20 min walk

But it’s not all that boring cuz of the lush, greenery around. Don’t forget look up for birds and they might also even be around the grass land, cuz we even spotted a Moor Hen crossing the path. But unfortunately no photo of it as it moved too fast for us. Here are some of what we saw…


We think that is an eagle




Does it remind you of scenes from Hobbits?


This is where the moor hen quickly hide itself


Look carefully and you’ll see that there are actually more than 10 birds on this free!

There are also a few information board, like this one about leaf litter community.


Do look out for snakes as we spot the skin of a snake that had been shed.


It looks like a rope on the ground…


But hey, there’s pattern on it.


Oh wait, it’s not rope.


It is snake skin!! *gasp*

After about 20 min leisure walk, we finally got to the more exciting spot, aka instgrammable spots at the Marsh Station area.


Told ya, it’s a loooooong walk!

Now… to the more exciting part.. the Marsh Station!

1. Lookout point form observation tower


Observation tower at Kranji Marshes


Observation tower at Kranji Marshes


Observation tower at Kranji Marshes

2. Hide to observe bird


The view from the hide


The view from the hide


The view from the hide

3. Bridge

My favourite is the classroom area under the bridge!



Another outdoor classroom area at Kranji Marshes


View from the bridge at Kranji Marshes


View from the bridge at Kranji Marshes


View from the bridge at Kranji Marshes

4. Resting spot

With quirky design 😉


Once you’re done at Marsh Station, head back to the carpark area through the same route.

Do visit Kranji Marshes and I hope you guys will have a great adventure there!

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